December 07, 2017

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Compliments Vs Being F*cking Annoying

No! In case you did not know these are not compliments. Not even close! In fact it's pretty damn annoying to only be referred to by your body type. What if a girl came up to a guy and said "hey I love guys with small d*ck prints" but hey it's ok for me to say that because I like that though. See how ridiculous I sound? No woman wants to be approached by someone who automatically comments on their body. We are more than just our body and curves and nor are plus size women your fetish.! I see all the time from not only personal experience but from fellow Instagramers where guys DM them and automatically comment on their body, or sends d*ck pics, or they wanna tell you what they want to do to our body. Lame and annoying as hell! If you aren't our significant then I guarantee you we don't wanna hear that shit! Good day. 


Know Your Worth

This seems like something that we should already know right? Yes. However sometimes we don't. When it comes to me, I swear it takes a horrible relationship to make you open your eyes and not be so naive and makes you do better. Don't let any man walk all over you! Don't let any man treat you any kind of what. What you put out is what you get and what you put up with is what you will allow to continue. This came to me because when I look back I am embarrassed at myself for choosing to put up with shit I shouldn't have. However I am happy at the woman that I have become, I know my worth and believe me, I take NO shit. So put on your big girl panties and open your eyes and see how amazing you are. See that you deserve so much more and nothing less.


My Security Blanket (Or What Used To Be) 

Everyone has had/have a "security blanket', something we use to hide something about us. As a plus size teen and sometimes the only plus size teen around, I had one.  Something that everyone used as a way to keep warm, I used as a means to A damn coat! Yes, my security blanket was my coat. I knew I was plus size, I had went from a size 10/12 to a 14/16 and my stomach was the main issue. Looking back now, my stomach was not even big or anything. However, as a teen, you become self conscious about yourself so anything and everything on you becomes an issue. 

  I didn't realized anyone noticed until one day at a restaurant with my family, my mom asked me if I was using my coat as a security blanket. Which I did! We would go out to eat or do any kind of activity and I always kept my coat on. I did not like the way I looked (who does as a teen though?) so I kept my coat on, even in the Summer I had on a sweater, jacket, something. 

Now almost 27 years old, I look back and say "Mikhaela, you cannot be serious", because that was pretty ridiculous. Now, you will not see me wearing a big ass coat in a restaurant, nor will you see me wearing a cardi, jacket, or what have you, just to cover me up. Instead, I'll be wearing it because it looks nice. 

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