August 03, 2018

Hello Summer

I told myself that I will do all my heart desires this summer! As adults we don't get summer vacations...we work lol. So it is up to us to enjoy our summer and take time out for us. This weekend I will be going to the Belize Fest, this will be my first time going. Chicago has a ton of activities to do (daytime rooftop parties, silent parties, amazing brunch options, etc.)  during the summer so I am going to enjoy my city, something I haven't done in months.

I also have kids so they need to enjoy their summer as much as I want to enjoy mine. We plan family getaways every couple of months but more often in the summer. We will also be throwing a Hawaiian themed party at our house which I am super excited for (thanks to Pinterest).

Live your best life this summer (and always) because next thing we know it'll be cold as hell and we'll be wishing for warmer weather. Travel, go to events in your city, do you boo!

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