August 17, 2018

Closet Solutions - For Limited Closet Space

Closet space: I have NONE. I previously wrote about how when my family and I moved there was no closet space....literally. We have one closet upstairs which is for hanging up coats and storing blankets and winter items.
I had a portable fabric closet but my clothes literally weighed it down and it collapsed. So  now I am redoing our extra bedroom and want it to be a feel good walk-in closet. I need to take into consideration shoes, purses, jackets, sweaters, dresses and the list goes on.
Rather you're lacking closet space (like me) or want to down size your closet there are options. Here are some options to keep your wardrobe even without a closet.

An ottoman in the center of a walk in closet or at the end of the bed.
Great for storing seasonal items.

The DIY wall installations are another thing I am considering. Very spacious and
can had many items. 

Armoire's ! I am in love with these. They are so convenient with places to hang your items
and also drawers and shelving for shoes, pants, etc. They are great especially 
if you don't want an open closet. 

Stack-able drawers are another item I am looking to get. You can stack them anyway you see fit. 

Stores that I have found that are great for making closet space: The Container Store, Wayfair and Target.

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