July 12, 2018

Too Curvy To Care | Summer Essentials

Summa summa summa time....

Summer is here! It has officially begun and has been hot as hell here in Chicago. With the heat comes the sweat and uncomfortable heat. We have to find clothing to keep us cool and products to make us look and feel our best. So here is a round up of my summer essentials, some will be self explanatory and others I will explain why I use them if necessary. 

How fun is this?! Have fun with fashion. A basic jean, white tee and this bag as a focal point.
Or, pair it with a tutu. Buy fun accessories. 

Her website has a ton of fun pieces

As a mom of 3 I am always wearing a cross body bag or backpack (both are very cute not at all basic).  If it's going to be a diaper bag, might as well be a cute one. 

Little Black Dress - Summer Edition

I love rompers because they are easy to style without trying
to figure out what pants or tops to wear. 

When it comes to shoes/sandals, try to wear a cute
comfortable shoe besides the flip flop. 

Smells amazing and keeps my face hydrated and so far clear of any breakouts.
(I bought mine from Marshalls)

I'm sure you're wondering why the hell I have Summer's Eve.
If you go commando this helps VERY much, also GREAT for under-boob sweat.
 I am not kidding, the bigger the boobs the more they sweat and this does the job. 

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