July 30, 2018

My 1st Ghana Fest Experience

I told myself that I wanted to do more this summer (last year I was always working plus just had a new baby so I was not in the mood) so when my boyfriends co-worker asked if we wanted to go we said yes. I haven't been to a cultural themed fest in years so I was happy to see what it entailed. 

It was crowded but not too crowded, we got to see the food, art, beauty products and most of all the fashion. So many vibrant colors and styles, from dresses, skirts, off the shoulder tops and so much more, the clothing was above amazing. I wish I had something to wear! My BF had a shirt that his co-worker had given to him last year so he changed into that. 

I only wished I would of had comfortable shoes, me and the BF had date night planned and I was not prepared to walk in uneven grass. My feet were KILLING me. Overall pretty good, next time I will have to try the food.

This Sunday.....Belize Fest (BF is from Belize)

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