July 22, 2018

Get To Know Me | 10 Things About Me

  1.  Favorite singer is Adele. I can listen to her albums (all 3) for days. I first heard her song in the car with my mom years ago (Best For Last) and have been in awe since. 
  2. I love wearing glasses! I've been wearing them since the 3rd grade and they have went from a necessity to a fashion statement. Look at eyeglasses now days, so much personality!
  3. I have never been on an airplane (terrified) 
  4. I love to read! Ever since I learned to read I have always been a bookworm
  5. I have recently watched Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls and am OBSESSED (thank you Netflix) 
  6. I would love to visit Paris 
  7. My favorite food is chicken: baked, grilled, fried, sauteed I DON'T CARE (get in my belly)
  8. My favorite movie is Princess Diaries, which is also the very first DVD I ever owned. 
  9. I hate wearing heels! Despise! Flats all day! I'll even take a wedge heel but high heels....nope.
  10. I fell in love with fashion when I saw the Crazy In Love video by Beyonce and she wore this orange romper. I don't know, the color combination did something to my soul and I've been in love since. I attended an art school in Chicago during Middle School and High School (Marwen Foundation) which broadened my look on art in connection with fashion. Which is why I love art, color, etc. 

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