June 15, 2018

Get The Look | Hairstyles For Warm Weather

It has been getting warm here in Chicago and is suppose to get hotter this weekend. During the warmer weather I keep a short hairstyle: low bun. 2 french braids or a high bun. I try to go for longer hair but it does not last too long lol! Here are some go to options I do.

You can spice up a traditional braid with adding loose hair on the sides! 

My favorite! A low bun with a side or middle part.

Dress up your high bun with a scarf or head band
wrapped around! 

To keep the hair out your face but still have your hair down
do a high low top knot.

A curly top bun 

Again braids are ALWAYS a good option
and a good protective style. 

Sleek top bun

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