May 20, 2018

How To | Shop For (Basic) Tops

Shopping for shirts used to be a chore...literally. Only because not only are sizes not consistent but then there is material and length to consider.Plus like I like my basic top with a little bit of something (lace, embellishments, etc.)

One store in particular, Forever21,  I do not shop for their shirts any more. The front of their tops are   always short as hell and the back fits just right. It doesn't even be a a high-low shirt, just a basic shirt. Majority of all of their shirts are made like that and it gets annoying. If you are carrying plus size tops then you must know some women have a longer torso and cannot or chooses not to wear short tops.

However Rainbow is one store in particular that I can go to for sure and find nice inexpensive basic tees/tops another is Asos (not so inexpensive though).

When shopping for tops:

  • Material - I look at material! Some shirts cling to you in the most unattractive way and molds into every lump or fold, just not MY thing but do what works for you. 
  • Sizing - When it comes to sizing, make sure you are familiar with the brand because sometimes you can get 2 different shirts from the same store, same size, and one may fit differently. 
  • Style - Do you know what you are looking for? Do you have a favorite style of tops? I like your basic t shirt with a little something extra: peplum, lace and even v-neck. 
  • Patience -  It takes time to find what works for you so patience is key (cliche) but once you do know, you are able to shop freely. 

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