March 17, 2018

Don't Let Yourself Go

To my mommas out there....

Don't let yourself go! I find that after having a baby or being a working/full time mom, it can be easy to do. However, from personal experience once you let yourself go that's when you start to feel miserable. Frumpy clothes, uncombed hair, let me tell you, it took me months to get back into the swing of things with Baby #1. Seeing how it took me long to get back to myself I realized that self care got me out of my slump. Buy some makeup, get a new hair color, go shopping for your self. With Baby #2 and #3 I did that and felt so much better knowing that I was taking time out for me. With me, the more I cared less about my appearance the more depressed it made me. Then I started comparing myself to others and it's like, GIRL you just had a baby chill out!

This time around I take pride in my self care, rather it be shopping, getting my hair done or buying a little makeup, even watching a show on Netflix. It does not take much to feel good, you can be cute and comfortable all at the same time. Trust me when you look good you feel good! I knew after this baby I'd be living in leggings so I made sure to get them in a variety of sizes and styles and also got tops to match. It doesn't take much! Even with jeans, I make sure that they are comfortable and have enough room for me to move in.

People try to make it seem like its the norm to let yourself go physically and mentally when you have kids and...NO. We should work towards getting back to ourselves, again, mentally and physically. We go through a lot, our bodies change and we go through moments of depression. So are we suppose to stay in our funk because now we have kids, no! When we are feeling and doing good, our kids get a better mother.  If we are down and not loving ourselves, what kind of mother are your kids getting?

So here, take my balloon of self love! Once you're at a good place with yourself, pass your balloon on to someone else who needs it.

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