March 11, 2018

Swimsuits On My Radar

Warm weather. Alcoholic drinks. Sun sets. Swimsuits..... Who else is ready for Summer?

I will not wait until the last minute to buy a swimsuit. I will not wait till the last minute to buy a swimsuit. I have to keep telling myself this because I always end up waiting last minute and then being stuck with something I hate. Lots of stores have been releasing their swimsuits online and I am already shopping for some. I will NOT wait last minute like last year. There are so many cute and affordable options to choose from and of course FIT, can't forget the fit of your swimsuit.

When shopping for swimsuits, make sure you read the reviews. Customers  always give good feedback and sometimes even post pics in the review so you can get an idea on how it is fitted.

So here's so swimsuit inspo that's been on my radar!
*All swimsuits are linked! Just click the name of the suit*


  1. in which shop find this swimsuit

    1. All of them are linked. Just click the description :)


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