February 06, 2018

My Healthy Lifestyle

 This is not about being on a diet because honestly those things never last. This is about a lifestyle change. It is always good to choose a way of eating that is something you can see yourself doing all the time not just for a certain period. You should always try to eat healthy, not just for an upcoming wedding or birthday but ALWAYS.

For a couple of months now I have been trying Keto and I must say this is something I see myself doing forever (again not just for a limited time). Keto is basically a low carb high fat "diet" where you take into consideration your macros (fat, protein, carbs) I used a macro calculator to determine mine (there are a bunch online).

Pinterest and Instagram have been my best friend when it comes to what to eat and how to replace carbs with other healthy things. In the beginning I'm not gonna lie it was HARD, figuring what to eat, realizing SO MANY things had SO MANY carbs...MY GOD! Little by little I got it and am doing pretty good on it. It teaches me how to have self control and to not over do it. I like to cook and try new recipes so this has definitely helped me learn new and delicious recipes. If you would like to hear things I eat and recipes to try feel free to contact me!

Now when it comes to working out I need something FUN!!! Seriously otherwise I will dread doing it. I used to do the Popsugar Fitness App, they have a ton of FREE workout videos and images. I like dancing so I follow Keaira LaShae, her work out videos are amazing and so fun to do. She has challenges you can do each months so if you love to dance her workouts are for you! I am currently doing her February challenges (linked here).

So let's get active! I even do these workouts with my kids some days (if they're into it) so make it fun and make it your own!

*Remember do your own research before starting any new diet! Make sure it suits you and your lifestyle.

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