February 24, 2018

I'm A Millennial Mom

I am a Millennial mom with 3 children (ages 6, 4, and 1) and am happy to be. Us Millennial moms are different from the mom's before us and are all so unique...and ya know what? I love it. When I look at mom's from years ago vs now, I see how laid back we are and yet very traditional. We are strong, independent, loving and caring and are a melting pot of other wonderful ingredients. So here's why I love my fellow Millennial Moms:

  • Hardworking - Rather it's getting our college degrees or becoming an entrepreneur, we are some hard working individuals. I see so many millennial moms finding different outlets to become successful (Etsy, Instagram, blogging, etc.,) and still maintain our home, cooking, helping our kids with their homework and so much more! 

  • We Are Not Our Mothers - I am very opposite than my mom when it comes to raising kids. She only had me and didn't want more kids, however I have 3 children and always wanted more kids (I'm done now though 3 is enough lol). Plus I am more hands on and always ready and eager to do activities with them. My mother on the other hand worked a regular 9-5 while I have the freedom to not work all day. Growing up we always have this idea in our head that we will be a better mother than our own, and that is definitely not a bad thing but just out way of being our own version of a mother. 

  • You Say Millennial Like It's A Bad Thing - Ok I must say we are some young, youthful, tattooed, hip mothers. I love it! We have our own style and we don't let being a mother define us, who we are and how we should be. Plus, we are pretty damn cool without even trying! 

  • Us & Our Phones - OMG do I hear this often! Ok yeah we may be on our phones checking Facebook or scrolling through IG or even taking some cute Snapchat pics with the kiddos (or without them)....SO WHAT! Technology has come in full force in our generation but yes we can manage kids and being on the phone. Our kids are well taken care of, they aren't hurt, we can definitely multitask so...chill we got this.

  • Traditional - Yes some of us are traditional! Some of us have done things ass backwards and so f*cking what. Maybe we did first comes love, then comes baby, then comes marriage....and? Some of us still want the wedding and big white dress, while others may want a low key style wedding but we're still traditional and still want the fairy tale.  The order we do things does not mean we don't want the traditional wedding or traditional lifestyle. We do things when we want and how we want. 

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