February 03, 2018

Fashion Finds | Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits speak for itself and it is up to the wear-er to determine how to dress it up (or down) and make it their own. When buying jumpsuits I like to remember 3 important things: 

1. Fit  - How does it fit? Am I comfortable? How does it make my midsection look? Sometimes jumpsuits are made in a way that makes your mid-section look odd due to the design. For me, I know that I don't want a jumpsuit that has a seam in the middle of the midsection because it can make it appear as if I have two stomachs. 

2. Long Lasting - Is it something that is just going to sit in the closet after one wear or something that I can get my money's worth?

3. Style - I look for something that is not too basic or just your "regular" jumpsuit. I want something that makes a statement and that is not too boring! 

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