January 14, 2018

Winter Skincare

The cold harsh weather can leave your skin extremely dry. I take my skin care routine very seriously....very. During the winter I tend to look pale and tired so I need my skin care products to give me a little glow, and that it does. I like to keep my products simple, using too many products causes my skin to break out bad.

Daily Use:
This has helped with dark spots on my face and keeping it moisturized. A little goes a long way and lasts all day. This also adds some type of "color" to my skin, a little dab of this on my face and it makes my skin glow and appear as if I got a tan. 

Daily Use:
One word to describe this, gentle. I love the clean smell it gives and works wonders. I have seen this all over my Facebook and Instagram so decided to give it a try. Love it! 

Use Once A Week:

I use the Origins face mask and moisturizer once a week. Smells amazing and works great on my skin. 

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