January 28, 2018

What I'm Watching

Source: Netflix

Who doesn't love a good Netflix & Chill? I have been on a binge watch catching up on shows I never got a chance to finish (Pretty Little Liars, 90210, Gossip Girl). However when your're done with those shows then what?  LOL. When I need some R&R and want to relax I want to watch a good show, grab some snacks and...chill.

Las Chicas del Cable or Cable Girls is a show you will love if you were ever interested in the Roaring 20's (1920's). The fashion is definitely on point, hair, makeup, everything. This show is about 4 women who work together at a phone company and are all going through different issues. This show discusses a lot of issues going on in that time period: women's rights, transsexuality (one women feels as if she is a man trapped in a women's body), a lesbian relationship, sexism,  they discuss it all.

One thing you should know that this is a Spanish Netflix original, so there are voice overs in English since the show is entirely spoken in Spanish. You don't really notice it to be honest, you are more intrigued with the show itself to notice. Enjoy!

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