November 27, 2017

Not Your Grandmother's Tight 2.0


Let's be honest, who doesn't love a good pair of tights?  Not at all itchy and way more comfortable and breathable than stockings. They are also super stylish, it's especially a great go to for your transitional pieces. Want to wear that sexy skirt from the summer, just add a pair of tights and pair with some boots or booties. If you've ever seen that movie, Me Before You, the main character (Lou)  is always wearing some type of funky color or pattern pair of tights. 

Textured, designs, bold colors, sheer, solid colors, thick, there are many variations to choose from. My favorite online store that carries them is Asos they always have a great selection on tights. Tights allow you to be sexy and stylish effortlessly. Add some tights to your wardrobe and show off those legs, even in the winter months.

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