November 16, 2017

Dressy & Casual Coat Inspo

Fall Plus Size JAckets

Coats! The one of two items I put thought into when buying (winter boots are the other). 1. because it is the first thing someone sees when looking at you and 2. I like to make sure my coats last. So far all my coats are from Torrid, however when pregnant I buy my maternity coats from Old Navy (the fit is amazing and they do carry plus size). When it comes to casual or dressy I prefer dressy coats because I can be dressed like a bum underneath but you'd have no clue of that. When someone sees me I want them to be like, "damn that's coat." Brands put a lot of thought into coats now, so I

Also when it comes to purchasing a coat I like for my coats to be long to cover my butt, as I've gotten older I like the look of a coat that does not expose my rump. Like I know it's there, you know it's there so yeah I just don't feel the need to have it exposed.

So the two coats I am looking to purchase are #3 in the causal coats and #5 in the dressy coats. Which ones do you like? Are you a causal coat wearer or dressy coat person?

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!!

Causal Plus Size Coats

Dressy Plus Size Coats

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