October 03, 2017

Too Curvy To Care | How I Organize My Closet

Working in retail you learn a lot about how clothing gets organized which is something that you take on with you. This has especially worked since we moved and realized there are NO CLOSETS.  Seriously only one by the door for coats when people come over. I have no clue how we missed that. Anywho, we bought these handy wardrobe things (I'll link some below)  until we figure out if this works or if we want dressers. So here are some tips that I've been using:


My hangers are a velvet textured black and pink: pink for shirts and black for pants/skirts. I like for my hangers to all be the same type but variations in color.


When it comes to my tops, they are oganized by:

  • Sleeveless
  • Short Sleeve
  • Long Sleeve
  • Short Sleeved Dress 
  • Long Sleeved Dress
Then each section goes from light to dark colored. Blouses are hung up while t-shirts are folded and on its own shelf.


Jeans and leggings are folded on a shelf while my skirts and pants are hung up. Since I wear pants most often they are in front of the skirts. This too is then organized by light to dark colored. 

These are pretty much the basics, hopefully this helps a little!

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