October 10, 2017

Too Curvy To Care | 10 Year Reunion

So recently I attended my 10 year class reunion...I know you're suppose to be excited (or I think) but I was pretty meh about it. Don't get me wrong, the music was great, food was good, atmosphere was good but I was just meh about it. In high school I was pretty quiet but dated a popular guy (who I am still with) so that brought attention to me because I dated him. So at the reunion it was the same thing, he was Mr. Social and I was sitting down looking around or on my phone. I didn't really talk to them in high school just knew them because my boyfriend knew them. Because I am so opposite I give off this vibe like I'm shy or antisocial, but I'm not I'm just chillin and enjoying my time. Needless to say...this is an event that I could of missed lol. Sorry not sorry.

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