October 19, 2017

9 Fall Shoe Ideas For The Girl Who Hates Heels

Fall Shoe Ideas

Sorry but I am one girl who HATES wearing heels and am especially happy that there are more options to wear when wearing a flat shoe. I remember everyone wearing the basic black flats but now...now there are so many options. My favorite though, the mule, I have been seeing this style areound quite frequently and I love it.

I bought these red wedges from Payless and love them. I have been having a thing for red this year so red I got. I hate for my feet to hurt and these definitely were comfortable. They have a cushion on the inside for comfort called Deflex Comfort. I wore these to my class reunion and with all the standing and walking they lasted when it comes to comfort.I  will also be wearing them this week for my mom's birthday party this Friday so I am happy to be able to be cute and comfortable.

What is your favorite type of heel? Are you a heel girl or do you prefer little to know heel? Let me know!

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