September 14, 2017

Body After Baby (3)


I havent been on here in a while....but I'm back. I wanted to talk about what I've been dealing with post baby.

So in January I had my 3rd baby and 3rd c-section! Things were going good, I was loosing the weight, looking good in my clothes, working out eating good and then it all just stopped. The weight was no longer coming off, it seemed as though my stomach was getting bigger as oppose to shrinking and I no longer liked how I looked in my clothes. Having a 3rd c-section does a number on your stomach the "c-section pouch" in my case was more noticeable (to me) and made me super self conscious to the point where I wouldn't even let my boyfriend touch me on my stomach. My doctor said when they cut into your stomach they're cutting that muscle, so that muscle has to build back up. So I kept that in mind so as not to be too hard on myself. So here is some steps I've kept in mind.

Don't Wear Clothing That Emphasizes The Area(s) You Don't Like

This is a major one for me and one that I keep in mind daily. I was wearing dresses and shirt that did not make my stomach look good (my opinion). So I told myself, duh Khaela, Just wear different shirts and/or bigger shirts so not to show off my problem area. You can still be cute, nothing can take away from your style its just that now you have a different way of showing off that style. SO I took into consideration tunics, cardigans, etc. Another issue is that after the swelling goes down my arms are always bigger , I used to love my arms but after every baby they change. So I opt to not wear sleeveless shirts and that's ok, there are a ton of other options out there.
This has helped me a ton because I can walk past my reflection and see how good I look and not focus on my stomach or arms, but focus on me and what I'm wearing, which gave me a major confidence boost. Because, No, we're not going to automatically go back to our pre-weight and pre-look, but hey, we can't dwell on that we just gotta work with what we got.

Go Shopping

It is good to go into stores and try on items to see what works and what does not vs. shopping online and the clothes may not fit. Plus it gives us a chance to get out of those maternity clothes (p.s. Old Navy has the best maternity shirts). Bring an honest opinion with you to see what looks good and what doesn't, sales people tend to say everything looks good to get that sale so I wouldn't recommend them.

Don't Sweat! It's OK. 

Most importantly its good to know that it takes time to get back to the pre-weight. What helps me though is still doing my part: sometimes I work out (mainly dance workouts) and if I don't have time to workout I make sure I walk at least 30mins a day (I use my phone to track my steps). I also use a calorie count just to see what I'm eating in a day, and lastly what has helped is Pinterest. I get all my healthy dinner ideas from them which is a plus when shopping because you get in those 30min walks while shopping. I also bought a sweating belt so when I'm walking I can sweat more around my midsection and let me tell you those things will definitely have you sweating. With all that said...

Be happy, be blessed and enjoy your baby!

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