May 09, 2017

Too Curvy To Care

If you would of told me as a teen or young adult that I'd pose to get a photo like this, I would of called you crazy. I kept seeing this artist post his work on Instagram and just knew I would want something like it. I didn't hesitate for a second. I knew what I wanted to wear in this pic, the less clothes the better to show my body can look in art form. Thinking back, I wouldn't think to do something like this, but me today, definitely would. Our curvy bodies are freaking gorgeous so why not show them off in an artistic way.

It feels great to be at a point where you can feel so comfortable in your skin. Not having to worry about what people think, not beating yourself over it, not concerning yourself with cellulite and stretch marks. It feels good! Be too curvy to care, to stand up and not care what people think. BE YOU!

* Artist is @paramoart on Instagram 

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