April 24, 2017

Plus Size Jeans

Everyone should have a good pair of jeans. As much as I would like to wear leggings everyday, that just isn't happening. 

When shopping for jeans I want to make sure they fit over my thighs, give me room around my waist or stomach  (if they're high waisted) so that I can move around freely. Before I would literally have to cut the sides of my jeans on the waist in order to button them up. All because they would fit everywhere else except my waist. Sizing up would make my jeans baggy so I would have no choice but to make cuts on the waist.
The only place I really get jeans from is, Forever21 (their Plus Size High Rise denim). They fit how I like and looks good on. 

Depending on the brand Rainbow is a great place for jeggings. They are durable and last long. Also Faded Glory (which you can find at Wal Mart) has a great selection on leggings and jeggings.

Light Denim - here | Dark Denim - here 

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