March 07, 2017

My Journey To A Better Bra

One thing is for certain and that is us ladies struggle to find a great bra. There's so many things to consider when buying a bra: does it fit right, is it supportive, if I bend over are my boobs going to runeth over. My God! However, I my friends have found the perfect bras that actually fit and support. Here is my journey and steps I took.

First, get fitted WITHOUT measuring tape! I went and got fitted at Intimacy, now known as Rigby & Peller. There they put you in this cute little dressing room and your stylist gives you a range of bras to try on. I loved my experience because they had bras in various styles and fits to find one suited for you.

Once I was told my size I went on Woman Within to purchase bras since they go up to my size  (40J). I didn't purchase it from Rigby & Pellet because they were too expensive.

Fast forward to now and I am so happy to finally have bras that fit. It has given me a better posture and I don't have to worry about my boobs falling out my bra. Thank goodness!

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Black Bra (no underwire): Get it here
Pink Bra (no underwire): Get it here
Red Bra (with wire/pictured above): Get it here

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