November 16, 2016

Why It Sucked Growing Up Fat...For Me At Least

 No Where To Shop
I mean no where! Back when I was growing up they had DEB and Rave and still you'd be lucky to have anything fit past your thighs. I would be so pissed that the entire store gave skinnier people options but plus size girls were stuck with two small racks that you literally had to search through to find even one good thing. Sizing way up just for jeans to still barely fit or better yet having to shop at the same store your mom shopped at (Ashley Stewart) just to be certain they carried your size. Ashley Stewart was NOTHING how it was back then, so shopping there was not fun.

Eating In Front Of People 
Maybe I over analyzed this growing up, but I HATED eating in front of people. I felt that people expected you to just eat scarf everything down so then you sit there awkwardly eating everything so delicately (lol) so opposite of how you would normally eat. I know my bff (also plus size) would make sure that when she ate in a restaurant that she'd eat with her back facing people. We were so over dramatic!

Being The Fat One In The Group
Yes, I was always the chubby one in the group and to be honest I wasn't really fat. I just had breasts, hips, and thighs that compared to other girls my age, did make me appear bigger. Wanting to hang out at the mall...great...but we couldn't shop at the same stores. Or better yet having BOYS your age approach everyone except you (guess I was took big for you huh boy)  and having grown MEN talk to you instead,  because you appear older based on your size. I was 12 and had 17+ year old guys trying to talk to me because of my body shape and size, I appear older.

People Assuming You Don't Play Sports 
I play a mean volleyball must I say, I also played soccer and basketball in school but people assumed I was either lying or what not because I didn't look "fit" or I didn't look like I played sports. Well how the fuck do you "look" like you play sports. I can run, sprint, and bust my ass like the next person. Even now, I love doing yoga and will play volleyball any day, you don't have to look like you are active to be active.

Boobs Ga-Lore
I swear growing up and already having to start wearing a bra in 3rd/4th grade was....awkward. I was literally the only one in my class with one on. I remember having to go get fitted at Marshall Fields and it being so uncomfortable and like "wtf why am I here and why is she measuring my chest".The older I got the bigger they got. Going into high school and your boobs not being the perkiest of fellow girls your age sucks.

But as I got older, at 27 years young, you realize how NONE of that matters. It doesn't make you YOU. I wish I was able to realize that back then but it helped me grow!


  1. I can certainly identify with your post. Growing up well developed is not easy, especially when you have thinner sisters and friends. We get through it-- I can now tell my adolescent self -- none of that mattered. Curves are great but the real 'you' is what's inside.

    1. Definitely agree, with thinner family and friends you become the odd ball out. It most sure doesn't matter looking back now


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