April 07, 2016

My Weekend | Recap

 This past weekend I celebrated my 27th Birthday...woohoo! Seeing as though I knew I would be out and about I was looking for flats. I am not a heel person,  I wanted to find flats that looked like heels (if you know what I mean) so I found these bad boys. I was super happy because I had been looking for some black pointed toe flats. I also wanted to have a nice fresh face with a bold lip for now this Maybelline BB Cream is the only product I have been using for years and love it! It covers everything (seriously) for me at least and it's lightweight so it is definitely my favorite at the moment. I had a nice "Smokin' Hot Pink" lip from Wet N Wild,  I like that is a not so bright pink and looks like a matte finish when its on. 

I must say I had a freaking ball for my birthday, I wanted to do something I have never done, so we went to see male dancers. I was not at all disappointed. The entertainment was great, drinks were great, and overall the experience was outstanding. So if you are in the Chicago or surrounding area you must go to Stallion.

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