April 29, 2015

Not Your Grandmother's Swimsuit

From what I can remember, when I was growing up swimsuits were just to be worn to cover up the important bits, not at all to be looked good in. Not at all about how it made you feel or the structure of it or even if you felt comfortable in it.

Now however, there are a ton of swimsuits to choose from. Don't like your arms? There's a swimsuit for that? Want to wear a two piece but don't want your tummy out? There's a swimsuit for that too. 

Also when I look for a swimsuit rather it be a one or two piece I look for how I can style it. Meaning, can I wear it as a top? Can I throw on a blazer and high waist jeans and rock it as an outfit. There are so many swimsuits out there that are just too cute to just be seen at the beach in. 

Check out my favorite swimsuits for ALL sizes. 


Blogger Kim of NaturallyFashionably in RUE 107







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  1. Fantastic share!!! I am inspired to step out of my comfort and try a two piece!!!! Thank you


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