April 29, 2015

Class of 2015

Prom! Searching for that perfect dress,  then figuring out the accessories and hair. However, when you're a plus size teen searching for that perfect dress, chances are you end up settling. 

Luckily for me I searched for my perfect pink jeweled dress, found a boutique that would order it, and picked all the accessories to go with it. Unfortunately the one thing I forgot to consider was better straps. 

About an hour into prom my boobs were no longer held up by the thin spaghetti straps. 

You can tell a little that the straps were beginning to fall. By the end of the night....they were completely gone literally. (Yes that would be my phone in my boobs....horrible I know)

Luckily now there a a ton of retailers that cater to plus size women and teens. So here is my round up of plus size prom dresses. 

Know a teen who needs some styling for prom? Contact me!!  Located in Chicago or online. Http://mikhaelakstyles.webs.com

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