December 23, 2014

Where To Shop If You're On A Budget!

With pouring out money for Christmas shopping and having to find outfits for holiday parties and NYE it can put a burden on your pockets. Sometimes we don't want to pay full price for a dress we're only goning to wear for one night, and what if you want to add more pieces to your closet? You don't want to have to spend $100's of dollars doing that either, which is why I bargain shop. When family, friends, or people that I style want to buy an outfit for the night or redo their closet without the high price tag I help them find clothing for more than half the price. 

Here's How....

I was rearranging my closet on a regular bases and when that happened you have a closet full of new clothes and old clothes. So I began to search for apps where I could buy and sell clothing. Here are some of my favorites! 

eBay Fashion - I love how eBay has a section just for fashion, one thing that I like about it is that you can find anything on here by brand, style, color, etc., whatever you are looking for they have. You can even make a collection of your favorite items and go back to it later to see what you want to purchase from it. You can also sell your old clothing to get some cash (always a plus)! 

Vinted - This has got to be my overall favorite. When you set up your account you add your size, brands you like and other info so that only items in your size, brand, etc., show up on your newsfeed. I find so many great pre-loved items on there and have already sold two items from my closet. They even have ways for you to win vouchers so that you can buy things from other members closet.  

TotSpot - For you mommies out there this app is just for the kiddos. You can find pre-loved kids items, anything from hats, bibs, clothing, shoes, accessories, anything. Your newsfeed will have a section for each child you may have and everything on there is very reasonably priced. 


*Note - All sites can be found in the app store as well 

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