December 12, 2014

Boobs and Bras - Breasts That Go Past A DDD

Boobs and Bras

One subject I have yet to cover is boobs and bras. Growing up I always had big breasts so shopping for bras that fit was extremely difficult. Bras either did not fit, had side spillage, or when ever I'd bend down my boobs would start spilling out. When ever I walked or did anything I should not have to stop every 5 seconds to fix myself, I felt like a guy when he grabs at his crotch. 

The first step in getting the perfect bra is knowing your size. Can you believe that I was wearing the wrong size for YEARS! My best friend told my she was going to get fitted for a bra and tagged along with her. We ended up at a place called Intimacy, going there has been the best thing I have ever done for my boobs. They don't use measuring tape like most places, instead they brought in a variety of bra sizes and styles. From there I tried them on and soon found out that I was not a 44DDD but a 40J, can you say big damn difference. It didn't even seem like it would be that big a difference because my 44DDD bras fitted okay just the typical spillage sometimes. I swear the bras they gave me to try on gave me such great posture, and I loved how they lifted my breasts without it being like "hi I have big breasts. Because you can tell I have breasts I don't need a bra to do any pushing so that they are bigger. Also it made me feel good and gave me a great deal of confidence felt like it completed my body image. I say that because my previous bras gave little support and no lift, their bras gave a great lift and actually made me look slimmer. 
Even the lady I was working with told me to put on my shirt with their bra on to see the difference, and did I see a difference.  That's why it is important to go somewhere that specializes in bras because I was getting fitted at Ashley Stewart and was not getting the precise size. 

What Did I Do Next?.....

After I found out my true bra size I started doing my research on where to get bras that went over a DDD. That is when I found Woman Within and was excited that they carried my size bra. So I ordered the Banded Underwire Bra by Goddess and the Soft Cup Bra by Goddess and they both fit greatly. The soft cup is my favorite because of the coverage on top, always felt like my old bras didn't give me enough top coverage.  So with that said.....

Go out, get fitted, and know your size! 

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