October 04, 2014

Plus Size Coats - Asos

My God I haven't posted in a while. Moving and trying to figure out internet in a small town has been frustrating. So I'll be posting from my phone until I can get someone out here. So links may not be available on pictures. 

Now time for some plus fashion! The weather has finally changed to Fall and I love it because it means sexy, girly, stylish coats. Asos is always my go to in search for coats because with big boobs I can find something that gives me a little more room. I hate wearing jackets or coats that looks as if my boobs are going to explode out if it, that my friend is not cute! 

Here are a few of my fav coats! Asos is gonna have all my money. 

*All coats are from Asos (Curve) 

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