June 10, 2014

Summer Accessories

Summer is here (not officially) and it's time to get our accessories in order. I will discuss my go to accessories for this summer! 

Ear Cuffs: 

I am a HUGE fan of ear cuffs and I have previously written about my ear cuffs that I normally get from Forever21. They add so much style and I love an accessory that stands out. Ear cuffs are a big statement and can vary in styles. Subtle or far out, ear cuffs will add to your fashion and will definitely go well with any summer outfit!

Hair Accessories: 

Sometimes it's too hot to have hair in your face. Here are some colorful and simple head pieces to wear! You can pull your hair back and let your hair flow or put your hair in a bun accompanied with the headband(s).

Statement Rings: 

I personally don't like wearing a bunch of jewelry when it's hot out so I opt to accessorize my hands with statement rings. 

Eye Wear:

Go outside the box when it comes to sunglasses this summer. Add some color or opt for a cateye. 


Color blocking, floral, patterns, or tribal, clutches come in all sorts of style and can fit any women's wardrobe.


Sometimes it is just too hot to be bothered with a handbag, it's good for our hands to be free sometimes. Especially if your at an event this summer! Why not keep your hands free with a cute backpack? Backpacks are back (no pun intended) and definitely making a fashion statement!

These items and more can be purchased on my Keaton Row lookbook  


  1. I love your blog! That's why I've nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award: http://thepenandtheneedle.blogspot.com/2014/06/very-inspiring-blogger-award.html :)

  2. I haven't invested in too many clothing items lately, but I can never get enough accessories. (:

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