June 04, 2014

From Chicago To Minnesota

From The City To The Burbs 

Moving from one state to another or moving in general is a long process, however the best out of all of that is decorating your room. I have recently moved from Chicago (born and raised) to Minnesota and have been so eager to get my room together. I already knew where I was going to get inspiration from and that's Wake Up Frankie. They are the best online boutique when it comes to buying furniture for your room as well as getting inspiration. They are quite pricey but are my go to when I want to get ideas.

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I am very much a bargain shopper so I will use the picture above as an inspiration when shopping for things for my room. Below are some of the items I found and loved. My favorite one is the decal wall art of the chandelier because it will be great to put over your bed/headboard, you can also add curtains to it to showcase the wall decal chandelier. This is definitely going to be fun and worth while, I live all the way in the suburbs which is nothing like where I'm from in the city, so this is the only excitement I will get :)

Wake Up Frankie

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