January 13, 2014

My December Obsessions

December Obsessions

-Maybelline's BBCream is the freaking BOMB! I have never loved a product this much its just blends in so well, the texture is amazing, it feels so light. I get the Medium/Deep color combo and it blends in well with my skin tone, it's always so hard for me to find a cream that blends in with my skin, but this tops the cake.

-Wet n Wilds "On A Trip" nail polish. I've been looking for a purple polish and this color in person is just adorable. I wouldn't say its megalast because it does rub off pretty easily, but other than that I am in love with this color.

-Faded Glory has some of the best leggings EVER, considering the fact that I purchased them from Walmart for only 7 bucks. They come in plus sizes, are comfortable, NOT SEE THROUGH (hate leggings that show your undies), and are made very well for them to be this inexpensive. I have bought leggings from various stores and this has to be my top favorite and the only brand I will continue to wear.

-My Forever 21 pink bow earrings are another one of my fav's. I received so many compliments from them and they are a nice size. 

-Bath and Body Works "Vermont Honey Apple" is the only scent I have been using since I bought this. I was in search of their Country Apple fragrance but was told this is just like it. YES! The smell is to die for, I purchased the shower gel, lotion, and body spray. This scent is only seasonal.


  1. I also love that blue nailpolish color!! Hi tribe buddy! :)

  2. The color is amazing in person and was only $1 at CVS


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