October 16, 2013

Twitter Party - Boost Your Curvy Quotient With SONSI

Last night I attended a Twitter party for Sonsi where other curvy beautiful women discussed various topics on being a plus size women and our style. The party was very interactive and there were also prizes which I won one of (a $50 gift card for Sonsi). I loved that I got the chance to talk to other plus size women and hear their experience and how they feel on being a curvy women. Sonsi is having a movement that you should check out, its #BoostYourCQ where you take a 2 minute survey that will reveal your Curvy Quotient.  I have checked out the Sonsi website and what I love is that they have a "Just For You" option where you answer a couple questions and they have garments picked out just for you and your style. So check it out!! I will definitely be putting my gift cared to use because they have so many great items that I am in love with. This was my first Twitter party and hope to attend another that was just as fun as this one.

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