October 10, 2013

How To: Dress Your Curvy Figure

First and foremost I HATE that our body types are named after fruit or shapes! 10 people can be "pear" shaped but that doesn't mean the same look is going to flatter them all the same.
 I'm not basing these tips off what I've heard, I'm basing them off what has helped me and what I recommend to people who've asked.

1. Belts 

I am a lover of waist belts because they give you such a nice shape. Especially when wearing a dress, because it clutches your waist making it appear smaller. I'm sure I wear belts with 99% of my dresses just for that purpose. It is also a nice accessory to add to an outfit!

2. Jackets

When wearing a jacket or blazer, I always button the middle button or may even wear a.....belt. Sometimes jackets have no shape and can make us appear round or as if we have no shape. Buttoning the middle button or adding a belt can fix that. I have a navy green jacket that I love but hate wearing because it makes me look so round and pregnant looking, when I close the middle buttons it gives me a shape instantly.

3. Spanx/Shapewear 

Spanx's are your friend and help so very much. I have seen so many women wear these gorgeous dresses but would have a muffin top, a muffin top and dress do not match at all. I want you to put on a dress with and without Spanx and you will see the difference. I feel like some women have this "I don't need Spanx attitude" when it helps so much and gives a confidence booster. Lane Bryant are my go to when it comes to any kind of shapewear.

4. Size

Sometimes women, me included, get something that is our size but when tried on realize that we can probably go a size up. However, instead of going the extra size up we'd rather try and rock something that just would of looked a tad bit better had we gone up in size. Going up in size does not mean we've gotten bigger! Not all garments are true to size and its alright that sometimes we may have to go up in something. Would rather look like you had to squeeze into an outfit or look flattering having gone up that extra size. I remember my fashion instructor telling us that, "if you are comfortable in your size that's all that matters because I have jeans that range up to a size 12 when I wear an 8 because some stores just fit different but that doesn't have anything to do with me personally". Don't you agree?


  1. Oh this post is just perfect! I should be a pear but trust me, nothing from pear's is okay on me besides a-line skirts :D I loved your tips, especially the one with going size up. Gosh I have clothes from size 6 to 14! Most important is to feel good about you :) Btw, thank you so so much for your support on my post, always good to team up with bloggers in the same niche! :)



    1. I agree!! It is good to team up with bloggers who are in the same category. And I loved your post on Lucky because you don't need to be a standard size 14 to be plus size, a plus size woman comes in various shapes and sizes! Glad to have connected with you.

  2. I totally agree with this post!! I have learned to utilize those in order to dress appropriately. And btw...I feel like every woman needs a pair of spanx in their closet, no matter what size you are.

    I found your site via SITS linkup.

  3. I tend to shy away from belts because to me, they make me look bigger. Maybe it has something to do with your proportions. I'm more that figure 8 type so I have a waist, but I also have a muffin top, so it seems like the belt just emphasizes the muffin top on me. I probably do need shapewear, but it's either too hard to get in and out of or it rolls up at the edges. I probably need to keep trying different types. #SITSSharefest

  4. I am a big girl and it's so hard to find dresses or skirts to fit me just right someone suggested I use belts but me not being a fashionista I just stay away from stuff. Stopping over from SITS


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