September 01, 2013

Hair Product Review - Shea Moisture

For the past year I have been trying to keep my hair healthy because so much of my hair had broken off. From perms to hair coloring and adding heat to my hair, my hair was so unhealthy. So I decided to keep my hair braided and wear weaves which worked tremendously, I have done this for a year and my hair has grown so much. Since it has grown I wanted to start using  healthier hair products and stay away from chemicals  because sometimes when I would wash my hair it would still feel rough and brittle and would break off. I tried Shea Moisture and I have NEVER used a product this good. After washing my hair, my hair was extremely soft and silky (mind you my hair has never felt like that after washing). I love that it is for any hair texture because I know people of all hair types use this product and rave about it. Give it a try!

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