August 14, 2013

See Through Leggings?

I love a nice pair of leggings just like the next women, you know one that is of good material and not see through. I am so tired of seeing women/girls with leggings on where you can see right through them and are able to tell what type of panties they have on if any. I've been trying out different leggings from various places and so far Ashley Stewart is in the top of having the best pair of leggings. The material is so great, they're comfortable, gives enough stretch, and is NOT see through. I've also tried Forever21 and their leggings are very much see through and the material is just not good at all. However, if you do have see through leggings make sure your shirt is long enough to cover your behind. I'm going to be scoping out more places (already have a few on the list) and keep you updated!

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