August 15, 2013

My Take On BB Cream

So I've been looking at other blogs that I follow and one in particular was talking about BB Cream. It looked so clean on her face that I decided to try BB Cream for myself. I rarely wear makeup and when I do I like for it to be a clean application (fresh face). I wanted to try a BB Cream because it is lightweight and can moisturize your skin as well (seems like a plus to me). The BB Cream I purchased blended in well with my skin tone and was SPF 15 which is good because it's protecting your skin as well. Compared to foundation I am going to use this more often, foundation seems so heavy and can at times look like its caked on your face. I used BB Cream by Garnier, it was not heavy or greasy at all and just did wonders for my face and evened my skin as well. After putting on the cream I added a little loose powder onto my face which mixed well with the cream and pink blush. As of now, I will be giving foundation a break and sticking with BB Cream .

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