May 15, 2013

My Go To Hair Products

So I have been trying numerous hair products over the years and have finally found my favorite. The Olive Oil brand is one I live by. I have always seen it and hears of it but never really bought it. Years ago I was watching the Tyra Banks show and she showcased this brand. Ever since I  have been using there products. I love it because it can be used on any hair type and any race, even on the show they used the hair products on both black and white woman. I love products that are versatile like that, where it's not just for one ethnicity. So my favorite on overall would be the one in the middle (Olive Oil Smooth n Hold Pudding) because it does just that, smooths my hair and hold it in place. It's not heavy or oily either. I use the Olive Oil spray sometime just to nourish my hair because it can be a little too oily at times. The last item in the picture is Edge Control, and it just smooths out your edges. It definitely works however can leave a white residue in your hair but it work very well. So as of now i have only been using Olive Oil products. What are some of your go to hair products? Please do tell.  

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