May 08, 2013

Curves, Leggings, and Stripes OH MY!

I get so tired of hearing how curvy girls can't wear leggings or stripes! Who made that rule?! If worn right it looks just as great as anyone else. Stripes definitely look good on a plus size women because it does not make your legs look as full. It's ok to step outside the box and I am a firm believer in that because if you choose to wear something then just make sure you rock the s*it out of it. Us curvy girls can wear the same thing the next person is wearing, we don't have any restrictions. With that being said, I follow Goo Goo on Instagram, I have spoken of her before. She is a stylist, mainly known for styling the singing group Mary Mary. She posted a pic of her in striped leggings and can I just say, she looks FAB. This is an example of how you can look great in something and have confidence while wearing it, if its worn right. So go out and find the best pair of leggings and stripe pants or leggings and ROCK IT! We can wear whatever we want and people need to know that.

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