February 06, 2013

A Better Bra

Who knew how hard shopping for a bra could be. Seems like before you could go into a store, get fitted, and find the size they told you. Now?! It is definitely not like that anymore! You  get fitted for a size and some how when you get a bra in the size they requested it seems to not fit the way you want it to or it fits even worse than how your bra fit before. So I had to do something about this because wearing a bra that didn't support my 40J's that I thought were 42DD's  is not only uncomfortable but does not give you the right support.
So my BFF told me about a bra fitting she was going to and I figured why not go since I needed new bras. The place that we went to was called Intimacy in Oakbrook Center in Oakbrook, Il. Now what is different is they don't measure you with measuring tape like most stores do, they just give you different bras to try on that fit you. I was amazed when I tried on the bra because first I learned that I was a 40J and not a 42DD and second, the bras fit so well and gave me such a boost of confidence. I wanted a bra that didn't give me a muffin top or push up my breasts since they are big enough I just wanted to be comfortable and look nice. I would definitely recommend  this place if you are in search of a great bra. Who knew the right bra could boost up your confidence. So if you have gorgeous big jugs like me, make sure you have a great bra with the right support. What brand of bras do you use?

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