January 29, 2013

Jeggings - From An Unexpected Place

I've been looking for a pair of jeggings that are comfortable yet look like jeans. So I've been trying out  two pair of jeggings from a store that I NEVER shop in. A family member told me about the store because I asked her where she got her jeggins from. I asked her because I could never find plus size jeggings that fit just right and she is very curvy on the bottom and I just had to know. Now this is a store that I never shop at and have not shopped in since I was in like the 8th grade. And that store is ........RAINBOW! Yes, Rainbow.I have been trying out two different jeggings from their store and have fallen in love. They come in various colors so that you are not just stuck with wearing black and they fit you like a glove. I also like them because it smooths out your legs in case you have in ripples that you do not want shown and are VERY comfortable. The texture and fit are so comfortable you literally forget you are wearing pants.  The are called Like an Angel and please, if you have not found the right jeggings please go here. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Plus-Size Like an Angel Leopard-Lined Jeggings,BLACK FLOWER,mediumPlus-Size Like an Angel Lightweight Colored Jeggings,MUSTARD,mediumPlus-Size Like an Angel Lightweight Colored Jeggings,RED,mediumPlus-Size Like an Angel Lightweight Colored Jeggings,ROYAL BLUE,medium

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