September 22, 2012


Sorry to I'm not! The leggings epidemic has got to end. I am so tired of seeing workout leggings being paired with gorgeous tops. PLEASE STOP. This is not cute at all and I have no clue who started this but they should not have. However, if you are going to wear leggings you should always go for the liquid, metallic, or matt leggings, because they look like pants and have a better feel. Even if you want to wear comfortable leggins the wear jeggins! The one person who pulls this off very well is Kim K. You can wear it casual or wear it while your dressed up, all depends on you. Even Forever21 has a metallic legging that is great. Just try to avoid a knit legging. Plus all the leggings below are also for PLUS SIZE as well. So even we can pull this look off :)

           Metallic Sweater (Forever21)                         Liquid Legging

                      Matt Legging
Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Matt Legging

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