April 23, 2012

Viva La Femme

I attended a fashion get together at Viva La Femme in Chicago on Damen Ave. They sell plus sizes clothing from sizes 12-24. There, you were able to have champagne and cupcakes and try on clothes! It was great! U picked out however many clothes you wanted and were able to try them on and come out the dressing rooms so everyone could see and give their honest opinion. Great experience. There clothing is lovely and Viva La Femme has a wide range of merchandise. My favorite were their blouses and cardigans. if you're in Chicago go check it out. There website is vivalafemme.com.
Shhhhhhhh......plus across the street they also have a shoe store called Violette, how convenient. You can get an out and then shop for shoes. Go check it out :)
-Love & Fashion

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